We are Phenolaeis

Phenolaeis delivers effective, scientifically validated and sustainably produced ingredients that promote overall health and well-being.

Our flagship ingredient, Palm Fruit Extract, is a 100% natural, non-GMO, water-soluble complex sustainably sourced from oil palm fruit, one of our planet’s richest sources of natural polyphenols.

Palm Fruit Extract

This 100% natural, non-GMO, water-soluble sustainably sourced antioxidant complex supports cognitive, cardiovascular and immune health.

Pioneering New Ways to Produce Functional Ingredients

Phenolaeis captures the palm oil production water stream and repurposes it into a premium, multifunction ingredient that supports human health.

Taste the Difference

Palm Fruit Extract mellows the bitter notes of coffee, chocolate and acidic beverages, smoothing the taste and providing a pleasing mouth feel

Palm Fruit Extract’s Unsurpassed Benefits

Health Promoting

Palm Fruit Extract’s five unique polyphenols plus protein, fiber and carbohydrates support immune system health. Clinical research studies also show its potential to support better mood, endurance and performance, and overall mind/body wellness.

Flavor Enhancing

Palm Fruit Extract is easy to formulate with. It’s clean and elegant flavor mellows bitter notes, enhances flavor and rounds out mouthfeel. It’s the perfect addition to coffee, chocolate, juices, vitamin gummies, yogurt, teas and kombucha.


Palm Fruit Extract is a clean, versatile, high-performance, sustainable ingredient with a North American traceable supply chain. It’s sustainably derived from the water stream from oil palm mills.


Formulating with Palm Fruit Extract is easy. Available in both a powdered and liquid form, it can be added to food, beverages and nutritional supplements, or offered as a stand-alone product.

Clinically Researched, Responsibly Produced and Award Winning



Source material RainForest Alliance certified

Clinically studied


National Scientific Innovation Award / MICCOS* (2013)

ITEX Gold Medal (2014)


Asian Innovation Awards / The Wall Street Journal Asia (2001)

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