Palm Fruit Extract is a multi-function ingredient solution for food, beverage and supplement formulations

Palm Fruit Extract provides a natural, nutritional benefit to food and beverage products and dietary supplements. It gives products a stronger competitive advantage by delivering added health benefits plus better taste.

  • Enhanced nutrition: Palm Fruit Extract delivers antioxidants, water-soluble polyphenols and shikimic acid.   
  • Better mouthfeel: Palm Fruit Extract minimizes astringency and improves mouthfeel. There’s a noticeable increase in richness and boldness while smoothing the flavor. Bitter notes are diminished. 
  • Easy to usePalm Fruit Extract is available in a water-soluble, powder form and a versatile liquid. 
  • Stevia synergyPalm Fruit Extract helps to minimize other off flavors, helping formulators deliver  great-tasting, sugar-free products. 

Coffee’s Natural Complement

Palm Fruit Extract adds wellness benefits, plus a smooth taste to coffee.

Add the raw ingredient to your current formulation or invest in our turnkey, freeze-dried coffee containing 5% Palm Fruit Extract.

Making Indulgence Healthier

Flavor-smoothing Palm Fruit Extract adds cognitive, cardiovascular and sports nutrition support to chocolate. 

Applications include confections, chocolate-coated grain or protein bars, RTD beverages and more.

Clean Nutritional Support

Palm Fruit Extract’s compounds act as antioxidants to support immune system health.*

Clinical research studies also show its potential to support better mood, endurance and performance, and overall mind/body wellness.*

Food & Beverage Applications

  • Beverage
  • Confectionery
  • Dairy
  • Prepared Foods
  • Snacks & Baking

Palm Fruit Extract is available in a water-soluble, powder form and a versatile liquid. 

Dietary Supplement Applications

  • Heart & Metabolic Health
  • Cognitive & Mood
  • Sports Nutrition 
  • Immune Support
  • Animal Food/Supplements

Palm Fruit Extract can be used in capsules, tablets, softgels, powders, gummies and more. 

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