We’re committed to being environmentally responsible, field to shelf

Palm Fruit Extract is responsibly produced with a traceable North American supply chain.

With our partner, Uumbal, we are raising the bar on oil palm sustainability and caring for the environment.

The land Uumbal uses for oil palm plantations was once severely damaged by livestock. Through an extensive reforestation program, more than 16,000 acres have been recovered and planted with African oil palms, the most productive oil crop in the world.

Our plantation partner certifications:

The Forest Stewardship Council

The Rainforest Alliance

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Biological corridors have been created to encourage flora and fauna recovery.
Unlike livestock farms, oil palm plantations are net carbon sinks.
25-30% of Uumbal’s land is set aside for a wildlife preserve.


Palm Fruit Extract is derived from the nutrient-rich palm oil production water stream. These nutrients were previously being washed away during the milling process. We repurpose this into a premium, multifunction ingredient that supports human health.


Our partner satisfies 80% of their energy needs with steam produced from oil palm biomass. This dramatically reduces the use of traditional fuels.

Sleeve filters remove 99.8% of solid particles present in combustion gases. This prevents their entry into our atmosphere.
Solid waste is composted and returned as organic fertilizer. This greatly reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.

Caring for people

Our partner’s production processes are designed to respect people and the planet. 

More than 4,500 jobs have been created (1,500 direct/3,000 indirect).
Employees have better quality of life with access to such benefits as childcare, insurance and retirement funds.

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