Introducing Palm Fruit Extract, a novel bioactive product with flavor and functional benefits

Palm Fruit Extract

Also known as Palm Fruit Bioactive complex (PFBc™)

Palm Fruit Extract is a premium, multi-function ingredient that contains at least five unique polyphenols plus protein, fiber and carbohydrates. This 100% natural, non-GMO, water-soluble complex is sustainably sourced from the oil palm fruit, one of nature’s richest sources of natural polyphenols. 

  • Palm Fruit Extract includes compounds that support immune system health.*
  • Palm Fruit Extract also enhances the flavor and mouthfeel of astringent/bitter foods, such as coffee, chocolate, tea and stevia. 

Palm Fruit Extract is available in a powdered and liquid form.

Freeze-dried coffee with Palm Fruit Extract

A turnkey product with endless possibilities

The new functional coffee in a freeze-dried presentation contains 5% Palm Fruit Extract, the recommended dosage to ensure each serving delivers the Palm Fruit Extract health benefits. Immediate white labeling opportunities are available.

  • Functional Palm Fruit Extract coffee is suitable for glass bottle packaging as well as single servings, stick packs, box, bags and sachets. Palm Fruit Extract can also be mixed in roasted and ground coffee (regular and decaf) as well as liquid. 
  • Flavors, such as chocolate, can easily be blended into the base formula crystals without changing their appearance.  
  • Additional functional ingredients, such as fiber, can also be blended into the base formula crystals without changing their appearance.
  • Cream and other liquids can also be incorporated.

North American Sourced 

Palm Fruit Extract is produced at our isolation facility located at our oil palm plantation in Chiapas, Mexico. The oil palm plantation is Rainforest Alliance certified. The plantation and mill generate the initial stages and source material used in our 100% natural and sustainable manufacturing process.

Our facility is currently operated by quality standards under food Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. Palm Fruit Extract is the only CSR and fully vertically integrated metabolic health ingredient on the market.








Trademarked & Patented

The Intellectual Property filings for Palm Fruit Bioactives is broad and extensive with more than  23 internationally filed and issued patents. Phenolaeis licensed the rights to all current and future patents in 2011. The Intellectual Property Patent estate covers the manufacturing process for Palm Fruit Bioactives, composition of matter for antioxidant compounds and various methods of use.

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