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Functional and Sustainable Freeze-Dried Coffee

Freeze-dried coffee with sustainable Palm Fruit Extract delivers health-supporting antioxidants and polyphenols along with superb taste and mouthfeel.

Immediately available for white labeling, this functional instant coffee is suitable for single-serving stick packs, pods and sachets, as well as multi-serving jars and bags. Flavors, such as chocolate, as well as additional functional ingredients can easily be blended into the base formula.

Phenolaeis Coffee Jar and Stick Pack

Palm Fruit Extract: The super ingredient from a Superfruit

Health Promoting

Palm Fruit Extract’s antioxidants and polyphenols have been shown to support immune, cardiovascular and cognitive health.

Flavor Enhancing

This 100% natural ingredient mellows bitter notes, enhances flavor and rounds out mouthfeel. It’s the perfect addition to coffee, tea, juice and more.


Phenolaeis is committed to being environmentally responsible, field to shelf. Our Palm Fruit Extract is responsibly produced with a traceable North American supply chain.


Available in a powdered form, water-soluble Palm Fruit Extract can be easily added to food, beverages and nutritional supplements, or offered as a stand-alone product.

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