Proving that a quick bite can be a tasty way to boost mood and energy on the go, Phenolaeis is turning heads throughout the industry with a functional chewy granola snack prototype called First Date’s Date and Oat Bites. This better-for-you energy snack, available for private labeling, is just the beginning of the company’s new approach to innovation. 


As reported by Nutrition Insight, the First Date Bites are the first to use a Powered by Palm formula, which harnesses the goodness of multiple palm-based ingredients such as dates. They contain nutrient-rich dates plus Phenolaeis’ Palm Fruit Extract. a premium, multi-functional phytonutrient ingredient that contains at least five unique polyphenols. 

This clean-label, premium product has three more premium, functional ingredients inside, in efficacious dosages, that complement one another:     

  1. Suntheanine: Taiyo’s 100% pure L-isomer-theanine, Suntheanine stimulates activity in the brain known as alpha waves, which are associated with a relaxed but alert mental state.
  2. Bioenergy Ribose: Bioenergy Life Science’s flagship ingredient, Bioenergy Ribose is a unique 5-carbon carbohydrate that stimulates the body’s natural energy production for greater endurance, enhanced physical performance, reduced muscle soreness, improved heart function and better metabolism.
  3. Raw Coffee Powder: Taiyo’s source of natural, sustained plant-based energy without the negative side effects of traditional caffeine products.

The “First Date, Powered by Palm” debut was so compelling that the media were excited to share the story with their readers. WholeFoods Magazine told readers that First Date is gluten-free, non-GMO, trans-fat free, contains healthy fats, fibers and nutrients, and is shelf stable for six months without preservatives. 

 “The functional ingredients are carried in a base of dates and oats that provide energy, fiber and some healthy fat.  Dates have a well-documented preservative property, allowing the formula to claim a six-month shelf life without artificial preservatives,” NutraIngredients-USA reported

 Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery quoted Phenolaeis CEO Kevin L. Ohashi, PhD, MBA, who said, “First Date goes beyond just being a cool prototype. All of the pre-work is done. First Date is a commercially viable product that checks all the boxes starting with consumer demand and also including formulation, manufacturing, labeling, legal and regulatory.” 

 Also quoting Ohashi, Nutritional Outlook told its readers, “Phenolaeis is proactively taking a leadership position in solutions-based product innovation to benefit our partners and consumers. For example, with First Date, we have created direct relationships with Taiyo and Bioenergy Life Science, which makes collaboration and creativity happen faster. That’s something usually done through a layer of brokers. We are streamlining and simplifying the go-to-market process for premium formulations.”

As Phenolaeis Vice President of Sales & Marketing John Musselman said in this Food and Drink Technology article, “Delivering a snack product to consumers at the intersection of great taste, convenience, and mind/body wellness is just the beginning of our new approach to innovation. Be on the lookout for additional products such as functional coffees, confectionaries and nutraceuticals.”

Contact us about private labeling First Date’s Date & Oat Bites, or about creating a new formulation using Palm Fruit Extract.

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