Palm Fruit Bioactive Complex adds cognitive, cardiovascular and sports nutrition support to coffee while enhancing and smoothing the flavor 

Phenolaeis, supplier of sustainable Palm Fruit Bioactive Complex (PFBc), is now creating functional coffee with added wellness benefits plus a smoother taste and mouthfeel. 

The new functional coffee, available now for white labeling, will attract multiple coffee-drinking demographics. Industry testing of PFBc in coffee has resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback. Short runs are now available for companies to test their consumer appeal for themselves.   

What is PFBc? 

PFBc is derived from the oil palm fruit using solvent-free, minimally processed handling. This water-soluble, non-GMO plant complex is composed of at least five natural polyphenols, fibers, carbohydrates and protein. Its soluble fiber is a carrier of various bioactive components.  

Research studies have shown that PFBc activates a wide range of antioxidant pathways and has the potential to improve wellness. Antioxidant pathways are known to support the immune system, cardiovascular and cognitive health.

After 15 years in development, PFBc is now sustainably produced in Mexico using production methods that respect the environment, wildlife and people. It is fully traceable from soil to final product. 

Adding PFBc to coffee adds mind and body benefits beyond better overall taste 

Coffee and PFBc are meant for each other. What does that mean? 

  • Enhanced nutrition: PFBc adds to already-good-for-you coffee with antioxidants, water-soluble polyphenols and shikimic acid.   
  • Better mouthfeel: Adding PFBc to coffee minimizes astringency and improves mouthfeel. There’s a noticeable increase in richness and boldness while smoothing the flavor. Bitter notes are diminished. 
  • Easy to use: PFBc is fully incorporated into the coffee crystal formulation developed between Phenolaeis and Cafesca. There’s nothing to be shaken or that needs to be added. 
  • Stevia synergy: For coffees sweetened with stevia, PFBc works well, rounding out the metallic and/or licorice aftertaste. 

Phenolaeis has a turnkey base, freeze-dried coffee with endless possibilities 

The new functional coffee in a freeze-dried presentation contains 5% PFBc, the recommended dosage to ensure each serving delivers the PFBc health benefits. Here are some possibilities for its use: 

  • Immediate white labeling opportunities are available. Functional PFBc coffee is suitable for glass bottle packaging as well as single servings, stick packs, box, bags and sachets. PFBc can also be mixed in roasted and ground coffee (regular and decaf) as well as liquid. 
  • Flavors, such as chocolate, can easily be blended into the base formula crystals without changing their appearance.  
  • Additional functional ingredients, such as fiber, can also be blended into the base formula crystals without changing their appearance.
  • Cream and other liquids can also be incorporated.  

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