While some consumers are coffee purists, a growing number are actively seeking versions of their favorite beverage with added functional ingredients. This feature article in the latest issue of the Global Coffee Report told industry leaders why Phenolaeis’ Palm Fruit Extract should be their go-to solution for satisfying this demand. Global Coffee Report interviews the sector’s most influential voices to provide information most relevant to the worldwide coffee industry. 


Functional ingredients provide additional health benefits, above and beyond basic nutritional values, to foods and beverages. The natural polyphenols found in Palm Fruit Extract convey antioxidant properties and support immune health. There is also a growing body of scientific evidence showing that Palm Fruit Extract helps to boost mood state and may ease mental fatigue. 


This interview with Phenolaeis Sales and Marketing Vice President John Musselman highlights the breakthrough of functional freeze-dried coffee containing 5% Palm Fruit Extract. He explained that Palm Fruit Extract gives coffee a premium taste by suppressing bitterness and reducing astringency. 


Because it is water-soluble, Palm Fruit Extract is also easily mixed into roasted and ground coffee, as well as ready-to-eat and single-serve formats. Flavors can also be blended in. Musselman confirms that Phenolaeis has received, “a lot of interest from roasting companies and their engineers asking for ways to include Palm Fruit Extract in their soluble products.” The company is also receiving many inquiries from the cold brew community. 


“If a customer wants to add plant protein or immune supporting ingredients to coffee with 30 to 200 mg of our Palm Fruit Extract, we can do it,” affirms Musselman. 


The Global Coffee Report also told its readers that Phenolaeis is committed to promoting metabolic health and supporting the health of the planet by pioneering new ways to responsibly produce functional ingredients. 


The article explained that a research team from the Malaysian Palm Oil Board, in collaboration with MIT professors, pioneered the foundation of Phenolaeis’ research and development by finding a more efficient use of the previously discarded water stream from oil palm mills. Palm Fruit Extract is the innovative and versatile result of that collaborative work. 

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