Citrus greening disease, aka Huanglongbing or HLB, can devastate orange and grapefruit crops and make their juices unsuitable for sale. There’s finally a solution that does more than recapture a citrus juice’s refreshing taste! Palm Fruit Extract also boosts the juice’s wellness benefits proving two fruits are better than one. 

Caused by a bacterium, HLB may be harmless to humans but it can make citrus juice taste bitter, metallic, musty or even salty. All natural Palm Fruit Extract, derived from the fruit of a tropical palm, noticeably reduces the acidity and bitter notes of HLB-impacted orange and grapefruit juice, while smoothing the flavor.

Palm Fruit Extract adds health-enhancing antioxidants and polyphenols that are shown to increase focus and concentration, boost clearer thinking and improve mood. If citrus juice is a glass of morning sunshine, citrus juice plus Palm Fruit Extract helps to keep the sun shining throughout the day. 

 Upcycle your juice with tropical palm fruit. Learn more about adding Palm Fruit Extract to citrus juices, and get started on developing your customized formulas here. 

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