Today’s consumers expect more than great taste and a fair price from the products they purchase. Nearly 60% now say it’s important that the food products they purchase or consume are produced in an environmentally sustainable way.1 At Phenolaeis, sustainability is at the core of what we do. When you choose to formulate with our products, you can trust that the health of the planet, and all that roam it, are carefully safeguarded. 

Palm Fruit Extract is sustainably produced in Mexico through our partnership with Uumbal. This innovative Mexican-owned company not only produces raw materials of the highest quality, they are also focused on protecting and preserving the environment and improving the quality of life for people and wildlife in their communities.

Caring for the environment

  • Land once severely damaged by livestock has been replanted with high-yielding and sustainable palm and forest crops. Livestock is the world’s primary driver of deforestation. 
  • Significant land has been preserved for native vegetation and wildlife. Conservation zones cover more than 50% of Uumbal’s land. 
  • Native, threatened and endangered species are protected. Biological corridors have been created to promote safe movement. Regular surveys monitor biodiversity and inform management plans.
  • Soil is optimized naturally through reincorporation of organic matter from the field and processing plant. This practice improves the nutritional content of soils, helping maintain fertility and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. More than 1,000 tons of chemical fertilizer have been replaced by composting.
  • Uumbal’s plantations are certified by The Rainforest Alliance certification and The Forest Stewardship Council.

Caring for our community

  • Uumbal strives to have a real impact on the communities in which they operate. Working with local leaders, they support programs that promote the health and education of local residents.
  • More than 4,500 jobs have been created (1500 direct/3000 indirect). Employees have access to such benefits as childcare, insurance and retirement funds which can improve their overall quality of life.
  • Local infrastructure is supported (ethically or sustainably), including maintenance of bridges, roads, fences and signage. This supports the wider community.

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  1. International Food Information Council 2020 Food & Health Survey

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