We take our stewardship of the environment seriously. Our new video is a window into our sustainable palm oil production that starts with harvesting and processing, and ultimately leads to our breakthrough botanical ingredient: Palm Fruit Extract. 

Oil palm is planted on only 5% of the land dedicated to vegetable oils but contributes to 45% of global edible oils. The video highlights how our partner in sustainability — Uumbal — took land severely damaged by livestock, and reforested and repurposed it into a sustainable oil palm plantation. Their African oil palms are the most productive oil crop in the world. More than a quarter of the land is set aside for a wildlife preserve, and more than 4,500 jobs have been created. 

Our commitment to the environment stretches beyond the oil palm fields all the way through processing. Uumbal’s mill is almost entirely run on steam, dramatically reducing reliance on traditional fuels. Sleeve filters mitigate pollution, and solid waste is composted and used as organic fertilizer. Uumbal’s milling process captures nutritious ingredients that previously would have been washed away. 

It is from that nutrient-rich water that Phenolaeis produces our signature 100% natural, non-GMO ingredient: sustainable Palm Fruit Extract. This versatile, scientifically validated phytonutrient ingredient contains a unique blend of polyphenols that promote multiple mind and body wellness benefits. It is already proving its value in food, beverage and supplement applications.

Please share our video with others! We want the world to know that wellness and sustainability can be deeply enmeshed with one another. And Phenolaeis is committed to playing an important role in this solution. 


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